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Facilitating support and sharing knowledge about microdosing and macrodosing psychedelics for personal growth and healing.  

Welcome to Mindful Rabbit, your source for education and consultation on psilocybin medicine as well as integration for psychedelics as a whole. We offer personalized guidance and resources to help you safely and responsibly explore the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. Our expert practitioners provide one-on-one consultations and educational materials to support your journey towards improved mental health and personal growth. At Mindful Rabbit, we prioritize harm reduction and stay up-to-date on the latest research and clinical best practices. Thank you for considering us as your partner in psilocybin exploration.

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Consultation (Free, 1hr.)

In this meeting we'll discuss a range of personalized options regarding your questions and how you can integrate Psilocybin plant medicine (microdose and/or macro dose) into your personal or professional practice.  

We also support our community with psychedelic guidance and integration regardless of your psychedelic medicine of choice.  In this consultation we can support you with mindset and integration options as well.  Your mental health is important so please contact us to find out more about how we can support your journey.

Single Set-up or Integration Session with Amber

 ($111, 1hr.)

1 hour Private Call (Fully Encrypted).  Are you preparing for a ceremonial journey or need support with integration/re-integrating back into your life?  Amber is a Psychedelic Facilitator and Integration Specialist and can support you during your process whether for set-up prior or after your journey.  Support is very important to get the most out of your experience and we are honored to support you.

Single Set-up or Integration Session with Jen 

 ($111, 1hr.)

1 hour Private Call (Fully Encrypted).  Jen is a Certified Coach and Integration Guide Specialist that can help you with your psychedelic experiences from the early stages all the way through integration and implementation.  Book a session here to work with Jen for a one-on-one no matter if you are a new client or existing client, she is here to support you.

Package of 3 (1-hour) sessions with Jen 

($280, 1hr x 3)

We also support our community with psychedelic guidance and integration regardless of your medicine of choice.  If you have an intention of going deep with medicine and need additional support, this package is the one for you!  

Get discounted rates when you purchase this package of 3 full sessions with Jen.  Book NOW!

Podcasts and Articles

Psychedelics are finding their way back into mainstream, credit given to the latest series by Netflix ‘How To Change Your Mind’. I invited Alex to come and sit down with me to share his mind blowing experience and expertise in the field of plant medicine. We also chat deeply about the intricate nature of our body and the harmony that it deserves to be in - the time of polluting the body while purifying the spirit is falling away.

Alexander James interviews Mindful Rabbit's Amber Hickman on the potential for microdosing mushrooms for business growth... listen now on Apple Podcast

What We Do

What is Experience Consulting?

We recognize that it is important to have support and as a community we want you to feel there is support out there.   How to set yourself up for a big journey as well as microdosing.   What tips and tricks may be available access the most potential out of your experience.   Are you planning a solo journey or doing it with a partner and want to know what the difference might be and what might be expected?   We want you to feel supported and safe no matter what.   Get expert advice.   

Please use the scheduler to book your consultation session today!

Free 30 min. - 1 hr. Consultation . 

For a Virtual Experience Sitter and Event Day Monitor - $111 for 1 hour, use the Standard Coaching Call above to schedule time.

Need Integration Coaching?

Its one thing to prepare for the journey, its another thing all together to integrate what you have experienced.  To integrate is to bring understanding and formulate the information or experience in a way that is useful and organized so that you can blend the new information into your conscious world.   Are you able to identify the difference between your ego thoughts and your inner being?   When on a psychedelic journey, the mind and nervous system are activated in extremely different and vast ways.  To the default mind, this can be very confusing and some experiences can seem insignificant or challenging.  When you have a chance to integrate with someone who is able to help you navigate the experience, emotions and new concepts it can be the difference between confusion and seemingly non-sense to true inner healing and life changing experiences. Integration is best the day after a large journey while the experience is still fresh and the mind is still flexible.  

Use the Scheduler above for "Standard Coaching Call" and indicate Integration Call or Set-Up in your description to get started.   I am here to help you on your journey. 

Following Day Integration $111 for 1 hour - email for more details. 

Retreat Journey Facilitation and Collaboration

We strive to create safety and support in our communities.  Amber is available for journey sitting and facilitation in collaboration with community leaders and healers.  Often communities are gathering and are interested in bolstering their support for their groups and we are open to discussing opportunities for collaborations.  Please contact Amber by email at HelloMindfulRabbit@gmail.com for a Discovery Call and connection.  

Psilocybin, Micro vs Macro

What is the differences between Microdose vs Macro dose of Psilocybin, Psychedelic Mushrooms?   Microdosing is taking this plant medicine in a way that allows you to continue to be functional and present in daily life, since it is such a small amount over a longer period of time, it gives you the opportunity to create space for healing and adjustments in your life in a more gentle way.  Watch this video to learn more.  

Big Journey - Story Time

Amber and Jen share a large journey they experienced.  Every experience is unique and cannot be expected, just as every individual is unique.  Although the journey will be different each time, they all have something to teach.  While taking a trip down the rabbit hole with psychedelic mushrooms, we always consider, "What does this teacher have to teach me today?"

Knowledge is Power

As a community, as a people, we are continually looking for ways to improve ourselves and our lives. At Mindful Rabbit we are committed to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their mental health and well-being.   

 Click below for educational resources on the science and history of psilocybin, and guidance on safe and responsible usage.